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Trusted by the biggest brands in UK insurance to repair or replace their customers' mobile phones, tablets, computers and gadgets

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Committed to fast and efficient repair and replacement services; when our customers need us we combine human and artificial intelligence to quickly decide on the best way to meet their needs

React is part of the SBS Group of Companies; a pioneer in the InsureTech space delivering innovations that are transforming efficiency and customer experience in the UK insurance industry

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We are dedicated to leading the way in innovation and technology in thehousehold and ‘on demand’ gadget claims.

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By keeping up with the development of the smartphone industry, our engineers are using latest technological solutions and advanced equipment for all phone repairs.

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We know how important it is to reflect the values of our clients' brands with great service


Recognised as leaders in developing new tech solutions that are putting the UK insurance industry into fast forward

Winner in the category
The Technology Award

Winner in the category Claims Initiative of the Year

Over 90% of our customers would recommend us

From 313 reviews

90% of users
recommend us


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We are proud of our NPS score that represents the voice of our customers

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We're always working to provide the best customer experience, and we'll keep innovating to outperform the industry norms


Insurance Industry Average


Technology Industry Average

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