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React is a part of the SBS Group of Companies which is a provider of insurance services that deal with home and commercial insurance claims.

While SBS Insurance includes many repair services including flooring, furniture, gardening, etc, React is an innovation and design centre with a focus on repair services of electronic devices. For the last decade, we have been providing our services to many successful businesses throughout the insurance industry.

Our partners include market leaders in the electronic goods market. We are dedicated to finding partners who are helping us in providing outstanding service to our customers.

We are dealing with a repair and replacement services of electronic devices for our business customers on a daily basis. At the moment, we primarily service Apple and Samsung smartphones, with the intention of covering additional devices in the near future.

React offers a wide range of repairs. More devices available for repair will soon be part of our service offering. Feel free to contact us for any other device other than Apple and Samsung.

After booking a repair query on the website, you can either send us your device or we will arrange collection of your phone.After successfully fixing and testing your device, the phone will be delivered to the provided address by courier.

All the devices are repaired by our trained technicians and engineers which are professionally certified by Apple and other partners. All the repairs are done by well structured, rigorous procedures and guidelines that ensure our outstanding service delivery.

All our repairs are done by using highest quality (AAA quality) parts. For example, Apple does not sell their parts, but all parts used are made to the same specifications of Apple parts from our suppliers.

We do not recommend sending us the sim card or any accessories with the device. Additionally, we recommend that you back up your device and reset it to the original factory settings.

Our priority is performing repairs by highest industry standards, and in the quick and efficient time. After receiving the device, we will aim to fix it within 1-2 working days. The time will greatly depend on the severity of the repair.

Keeping your data safe is a crucial element of our service. By using high-level security boxes for dispatch and delivery, all the devices are safe. The entire service process is delivered and monitored by our own high standards in line with industry requirements.

In the case of not knowing what kind of damage is done to your phone, you can still book a query with us and over the phone, we will help you identify the repair that needs to be done.

We accept PayPal payments. You will be charged for the repair before sending us your phone. If we identify any other repairs along the process, we will contact you and only with your agreement fix other damages if any.

All devices include a12-month warranty that covers the repair performed by our service.

There are two services we offer for phone replacement including swap out option and purchase of the new phone.

We are currently offering Apple and Samsung phones for replacement. More precisely you can swap out the following iPhone models:5S, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus and the following Samsung galaxy models: S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus.

A-grade phones are refurbished phones classified as Grade A. This class represents refurbished and tested phones which are in perfect working condition with little or no scuffs.

The swap-out service includes the competitively priced purchase of a brand-new A-graded phone that you are changing for your old phone. After you book a query online, we will call you to confirm the device damage, pricing, and all other necessary details. After the swap-out being arranged, we will arrange delivery of the new device when we will pick up your old phone.

This kind of service represents a regular online transaction. After paying for the desired phone, you will receive your new phone.

This will depend on the selection of the two services. The new phone purchase will take one or two working days, while swap-out will take 4-5 working days.

All devices include a 12-month warranty that covers all the damages for both replacement services.

There are two options available for repair services including Send for Repair and Collect my Device. Send for Repair is a shipping service that includes our customer sending their phone to us. After the repair, we will ship it for free. Collect my Device includes the service when we will arrange pick-up of the device before repair and return delivery. The collection location and delivery times can be selected at your convenience.

The purchased phones will be shipped to desired address after the transaction has been dealt with. The swap out service will be delivered by using the Collect my Device shipping when we will arrange pick-up of your old device and delivery of the new one.

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